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SKSG Kids International

4+ BSO
Werk je in Groningen als expat, dan is SKSG Kids International de plek voor jouw kinderen! Ook Nederlandse ouders die een internationale omgeving voor hun kinderen zoeken, gaan naar deze buitenschoolse opvang aan de Rijksstraatweg in Haren. Er komen kinderen vanuit alle windstreken, dus jouw kind past er zo tussen! Op deze BSO bieden we in de basis Nederlandstalige opvang. Onze enthousiaste pedagogisch medewerkers spreken vloeiend Engels. We werken nauw samen met de Internationale basisschool van de GSV en bevinden ons in hetzelfde gebouw.

As an expat or a Dutch parent seeking an international environment for you children, SKSG Kids International is the place to go! Here we offer high quality after-school care with English-speaking pedagogical staff. The base language here is Dutch, so your child will swiftly learn the language. However, there are children from all points of the compass at Kids International, so your child will fit right in! We work closely with the International Primary School GSV and are located in the same building.

At this same location, we also offer a preschool programme at SKSG Preschool in the morning. Are you looking for childcare for babies and children from 0-4 years, you are welcome at our location SKSG Daycare.

Talent development
Children should have the possibilty to try as many new things as possible. This way, they can explore what activities they enjoy, and where their talents lie. At the after-school facilities, they get acquinted with different activities. At SKSG, we work with a theory called Multiple Intelligence (MI), an approach assuming children have a set of various intelligences.

The coolest activities!
SKSG is well-known as the after-school care in Groningen offering the most complete activity programme. Working closely together with schools and local partners, we arrange cool and unexpected activities for the kids. Most famous of all is of course SKSG Got Talent in Martiniplaza; a music, dance and circus show in a real theatre. Or what about Date the Top Sportsman, where you can literally ask your favourite sportsman whatever you like.

The 5 pillars of SKSG
Our activity programme is built up according to the following themes:

SKSG Sport Experience – Sports
SKSG Masterchef – Cooking & Food
SKSG Goes Green – Nature & Sustainability
SKSG Discovery Kids – Science & Technics
SKSG Got Talent – Art & Culture
SKSG Summer Fun

Outside, every day!
Veggies or fruits from our own garden, getting to know bees or other insects, building huts or getting yourself completely dirty at our annual Mud Day? At SKSG kids are in contact with nature in so many ways. Fresh air and outside activities are so important for the development of every child. Also, we strive to be the most eco-concious daycare organisation in Groningen. That is why we choose sustainably in our day-to-day work, and why we take the children outside every day. Also when the weather is not as nice.


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SKSG Kids International

Rijksstraatweg 24 9752 AE Haren
06 21690221 Klik om te bellen